eBook: Turning DDoS from a Cost Center to a Revenue Generator


Enterprises are increasingly calling on their service providers to assist them in the detection, analysis and protection against DDoS attacks before they impact their business. There is a great opportunity for providers in offering a sophisticated threat response to users as part of an enterprise-grade solution that will open up important new revenue streams while maintaining customer loyalty.

This eBook will discuss:

  • DDoS Market Demand & Opportunity
  • DDoS Protection-as-a-Service
  • Rapid ROI on DDoS Protection with Additional Revenue Generation

Providers are now enabled to eliminate the loss of customers, revenues and brand damage associated with DDoS attacks, while generating new service revenues.  Download this eBook to learn more.

“Tier 2 and Tier 3 Service Providers and Hosting Providers now have access to DDoS protection at the price and performance that makes sense to their business, where as five years ago, this wasn’t a possibility. Traditional DDoS solutions historically have not given way to enabling additional service offerings that service providers could use to enerate incremental revenue. This combination now provides a game changing opportunity for the service provider community.”

Jeff Wilson
Senior Research
Director and Advisor, IHS

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