The Evolution of DDoS Protection
 A Sophisticated Approach to DDoS Defense to Address the Modern Threat
When it comes to distributed denial of service (DDoS), organizations of all sizes are facing a rapidly moving threat landscape - one that is complex and increasingly sophisticated. 

As the DDoS threat landscape has evolved over time, so has the ability to surgically remove DDoS attack traffic from transiting freely through provider networks.  Mobile and wireline service providers - including ISPs, converged players, cable MSOs and others - are therefore uniquely positioned to inherently change the way DDoS attacks impact downstream customers, while gaining new revenue streams by offering next-generation protection.

With new solutions providing economies of scale for modern and sophisticated DDoS mitigation, providers are now enabled to completely eliminate the DDoS challenge.

This eBook will discuss: 

  • How DDoS attacks are evolving 
  • Real-time, modern DDoS mitigation approaches 
  • The critical role that service providers play in providing protection downstream 
  • Fresh revenue opportunities for service providers with next-gen DDoS protection 

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